Is Term Life Insurance No Exam Required Expensive?

We are used to medical examinations based coverage and thinking about no exam life insurance may seem a bit odd. Well, if you are not-so-old, healthy persons, you do not have strong reasons to apply for this form of insurance.  Unfortunately, not all of us are in that situation and there are many sick and old persons who wait in line and hope to be accepted.

insurance5In most cases, they do not qualify. Their only option is to apply for no exam policies.  Even so, not all people gladly accept the terms. They think more if whole or term life insurance no exam required is expensive or not.

Without proper research, many people will consider that it is not worth the sacrifices for no exam life insurance. Their sole motivation is the price and they are partially right.  No exam term life insurance demands more money.  We cannot say an exact price, because it differs for each person and each company.

What we can say is that the price can be up to 50%-100% more than the price of a standard policy.  But the alternative, letting the family unprotected, is far worse and it can have very unpleasant consequences later.

No exam life insurance policies are expensive and they get even more expensive if you had multiple health problems. Improving your health or recovering from a disease will help you get cheaper prices.  Also, if you quit smoking, you will get better rates and make this policy less expensive.

However, in order to get a better picture, you should rely on the expertise of a risk impaired specialist. This type of brokers works with sick or old people and they can suggest different types of insurance. You can also try to use quotes and compare prices.

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